The Vienna Open Medical Institute

The program’s objective is to identify young, English speaking physicians from countries in transition, who will benefit from state-of-the-art education in their medical specialities and act as multipliers in their home countries by sharing the knowledge they have acquired.

From 1993 to the present, 1000 world renowned faculty members from American and Austrian academic institutions have trained more than 1,500 observers from over 100 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, as well as from countries in Africa and the Middle East. Fellows attend on full scholarship and faculty members serve pro bono.

Facts and Figures

Observerships in 2017 98
Observerships in 2016 89
Observerships in 2015 80
Observerships in 2014 86
Observerships in 2013 66
Observerships in 2012 74
Observerships in 2011 95
Observerships in 2010 157
Observerships in 2009 160
Observerships in 2008 103
Countries and Regions 40
Physicians in Charge / Mentors 119