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Report about knowledge exchange

“intra” – the staff magazine of the Vienna Hospital Association – reported about research observerships and the Vienna OMI. Please click the following image to read the article in german (intra 02/17, pdf – 148KB), or click the “read more” button to get to the translation.

Copyright KAV: knowledge exchange and international cooperations in medicine


Knowledge Exchange in both directions

Research Cooperation and international knowledge exchange in both directions –  this is what the Vienna Open Medical Institute stands for.

Oksana Khyzhnyak from the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine is on a research stay in Vienna with Prof. Milen Minkov. He is the head of the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in the Hospital Rudolf Foundation, and is a leading international expert in Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH), a cancer disease that occurs predominantly in children and adolescents.

“We compare the long-term consequences for a group in Ukraine and one in
Austria, “says Khyzhnyak.
“With the results of this study we hope to optimize the treatment of LCH patients ” says Minkov, who currently holds the presidency of the international society Histiocyte Society (2016-2019).


Research Cooperation

The Vienna OMI provides the possibility to leading physicians to visit Vienna for a so called Research Observership that provides basic biomedical and clinical research skill training. Participants are able to take part in research projects and acquire essential research tools. They also connect to leading Austrian research institutions and thus strengthen their medical network.