Fundraiser for teaching, research and rejuvenation of the Vienna schools of medicine

VHA Managing Director presents Vienna Open Medical  Institute (Vienna OMI) Prize

Vienna has been at the vanguard of medical progress across various eras. Like virtually no other major city or region in the world, Vienna offers outstanding medical care that is at the forefront of medical discovery. Designed to promote the work of Vienna’s medical schools, the gala showcases the latest medical advances and plays an active role in supporting future developments.

Last Monday MedUni Vienna  Rector Markus Müller and Director of the American Austrian Foundation Wolfgang Aulitzky hosted the annual get-together, which was inspired by ophthalmology this year.  More than 180 benefactors from the worlds of business, research and culture met at the Medical University of Vienna’s Van Swieten Hall. The proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to the Josephinum and various joint projects run by the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna OMI and other research institutions in the city.

At the event, VHA Managing Director Udo Janssen and Director Wolfgang Aulitzky presented the Vienna OMI mentor award. Since 2008 the Vienna Open Medical Institute has invited more than 900 highly-qualified doctors from all over the world to learn from leading mentors and study cutting-edge medical practice in the capital’s hospitals.

Petra Pateisky und Stefanie Aust Elisabeth Preisinger Reinhard Windhager Aulitzky, Windhager, Pateisky, Preisinger, Aust, Janßen, von links Der Vienna OMI Ehrenaward
Petra Pateisky und Stefanie Aust

Stefanie Aust and Petra Pateisky received this year’s award for their work mentoring a doctor from Tanzania. They helped him forge close contacts with fellow professionals at the Department of Gynaecology and then travelled to his home country for three months where they trained local doctors in laparoscopic techniques. Thanks to their support and dedication, a fully fledged – and fully equipped – local laparoscopy team was established.

Elisabeth Preisinger from the Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Hietzing Hospital received an honorary award for her contribution to the project since its inception in 2008. An additional OMI honorary award went to Reinhard Windhager from the Medical University of Vienna’s Department of Orthopaedics. Windhager has been a faculty member of the Vienna OMI since 2003 and has supported 26 OMI observers over the years in his capacity as mentor.

Fascinating talks on the past, present and future of the Vienna schools of medicine

Vortrag von Prof Aulitzky Vortrag von Prof. Druml Vortrag von Markus Swittalek Vortrag von Prof. Menapace Vortrag von Prof. Binder Vortrag von Prof. Vaziri Vortrag von Alfred Vendel Vortrag von Rektor Müller
Vortrag von Prof Aulitzky

Christiane Druml gave a lecture on the pioneering academic work done in Vienna in the 18th century in the field of ophthalmology. Markus Swittalek talked about the groundbreaking role played by Vienna in medical urban planning with regard to the former general hospital complex.

Rupert Menapace shared his insights into the art of medicine and the use of robotics in contemporary cataract surgery. Susanne Binder presented the bionic eye, which uses an implant to restore vision, using a case study from a successful operation.

In his lecture ‘Optical Tools for Decoding the Neural Circuit Dynamics of the Cerebrum’ Alipasha Vaziri spoke about the method he has developed which will make it possible to observe thought processes in mice.

The film ‘We are Planets’ by Alfred Vendl gave a lifelike depiction of a journey inside the human body. The special thing about it: computer-assisted scientific visualisations were used to show organic and chemical processes based on scientific data and insights.

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