Vienna Open Medical Institute

The Vienna Open Medical Institute stands for international exchange of knowledge to make Vienna the leading center for postgraduate education and Experience Exchange in medicine. Its goal is to establish a global medical network in order to strengthen Vienna’s role as a humanitarian capital and scientific center in Europe.

It is actively supported by the following institutions.



Educational exchange program and Research-Cooperations

Highly qualified physicians from all over the world are invited to learn and study in Viennese hospitals and research institutions. The program’s objective is to identify English speaking physicians who will benefit from state-of-the-art education in their medical specialities and act as multipliers in their home countries by sharing the knowledge they have acquired.

This exchange of knowledge is bilateral. Viennese doctors have the opportunity not only to develop themselves within the framework of the program, they often also establish cooperations or hold lectures in the home countries of the guests and thus reinforce the sharing of knowledge.

Since the foundation of the program, more than 900 doctors from over 100 countries have benefited from medical knowledge exchange. Renowned lecturers from American and Austrian universities provide the programs content and act as mentor during an observership in an Viennese hospital.


Peter Husslein, M.D.

„The OMI-Vienna activities are interesting and helpful for both sides: The fellows from various countries and the Austrian colleagues benefit from stimulating medical discussions and such a program also broadens the social and cultural understanding of the involved parties. Joined scientific programs are made possible and may help to answer questions that a single institution might have difficulties to approach. Personally I am very glad being part of the OMI Vienna project which last but not least can also be considered a political project for friendship among nations and for world peace.”

Head of Gynaecology
University Hospital Vienna

Susanne Binder, M.D

“I appreciate the OMI activities because it does not only improve the medical knowledge of our visiting colleagues but also opens our mind and understanding of different health- and education systems worldwide. During my work for the AAF I have not only made friends with my outstanding colleagues from Cornell Univ./ New York but also with many young, gifted doctors from many countries. It is an honour to work for the AAF-OMI Project.”

Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute for Retinology
and Biomicroscop-Laser Surgery

Aynur Safiyeva, M.D.

“The organization of the OMI program is of a very high quality, the conditions for a study visit are very good. One of the special features is that doctors from all over the world meet here and exchange experiences with each other, which contributes to the development of better healthcare-systems for all of us. ”


Belma Pojskic, M.D.

“The main impact that Vienna OMI had on medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina is through the medical staff it educated. Positive practices observed and learned during the stay of our doctors were adopted and transferred into our medical system in the range of our possibilities. Vienna-OMI observership is now part of the CV of many doctors from different countries. I’m glad to state that during my three visits I’ve written articles together with Austrian doctors which were published.”

Observer from Bosnia and Herzegovina